What are your collective protection requirements?
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Collective protection is the term used to describe a space that isolates and protects multiple occupants from airborne toxins. It allows them to eat, sleep, and survive without having to wear a gas mask.

We have the expertise and equipment to protect any kind of space from explosive blasts and airborne nuclear, biological, and chemical threats:

Bomb shelters
Built underground, usually out of steel reinforced concrete, bomb shelters require blast doors, blast valves, and NBC overpressure filters. They are designed to resist the extremely high pressure of a nearby detonation.
Safe rooms
Usually constructed out of existing above ground rooms by installing NBC filters that provide overpressure to ensure airborne toxins are not allowed into the protected space.
Isolation rooms
Found mostly in hospitals, isolation rooms are negative pressure in relation to adjacent rooms and hallways. All of the air in the protected space is drawn into the isolation room, protecting the people in adjacent rooms from airborne diseases.
Critical infrastructure protection
Hospitals, embassies, and entire buildings can be protected from airborne toxins by integrating a bank of NBC overpressure air filters with the HVAC system.
Mobile facilities
Tents, command posts, and mobile hospitals can require ventilation, NBC overpressure filtration, heat, air conditioning, and dehumidifying.
Used to overpressure the crew compartment of a vehicle or aircraft, these NBC overpressure filters are specially designed to fit into compact spaces and utilize the vehicle electrical system for power.
Specialized applications
Individual isolation chambers, negative pressure workstations, expandable cabinet shelters, and more.



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